Here are some of the things you will learn in this valuable Special Report:

  • What to say to a patient who bad-mouths their former dentist – do this and they will love your practice!

  • A patient comes in with an emergency but you are booked solid. Here’s something that will not only satisfy the patient but also let everyone know you have the best practice around!

  • The best way to handle the dreaded “I thought my insurance covered these x-rays!” Come out a winner every time with this strategy!
  • How to turn around a team member who woke up “on the wrong side of the bed.” This visual technique will bring their positivity back!

  • The best way to answer “Hey Doc – do you have a warranty on this?” It gets them to say YES to treatment every time!

  • What to do if a patient wants you to “fudge” insurance dates, procedure codes, or anything else to save them money. They will respect you more than ever when you do this!!

  • How to end staff bickering once and for all!

  • Much much more!